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Entering Medications, Diagnosis, and Ratings

Users are able to input key information into the HRST without necessarily going through the process of rating individuals.  This knowledgebase article explains and demonstrates how to go about entering and updating medications, diagnoses and addresses.  

Please note all animations referenced in this knowledgebase article have no sound.  When the animation begins, you will see a static title page.  Click the START button in the lower right hand corner to begin the animation.  In some cases, the animation will play like a video, and there are controls on the lower left area to speed up or slow down the animation, or pause and resume it.  In other cases, click the Next and Back buttons on the right lower area to advance the animation.  If you do not see any of these controls, scroll your browser window DOWN to the bottom and they should appear.

For a demonstration on how to enter medications, click on this link.  An animation will be displayed that walks you through the process

In addition to the basic procedure for entering medications, it is also important to learn how to avoid some of the pitfalls.  Click on this link to see an animation of that topic.  Mastering the informaton in this animation will greatly improve the quality and usefulness of the data entered.

To see a demonstration on how to enter diagnoses, click on the link below.


For those users actually entering Ratings, click the link below to see a demonstation on how to enter ratings into the HRST:

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